NoticeAbility©, Maker/Breaker Space, Visual and Performing Arts at Laurel School

 Building and Encouraging the Strengths of the Dyslexic Mind in our Students.

A fundamental understanding at the Laurel School is that the dyslexic brain presents students with academic challenges and creative advantages. The science of reading tells us that explicit and systematic literacy programs are essential for students with dyslexia and related language-based learning differences. Providing opportunities for students to discover and enrich the specific and powerful capabilities of the dyslexic mind must also be woven into the curriculum. The strengths of the dyslexic mind include creativity, seeing the bigger picture, entrepreneurship, building, storytelling, resilience, and solving complex problems. At Laurel we encourage and celebrate dyslexic strengths all day, across all disciplines. 

Laurel School integrates opportunities to shine in these areas throughout the school day in many ways. In addition to our vibrant visual and performing arts curriculum, students make discoveries about themselves and the world through creative expression in our Maker/Breaker Space, Consenses Arts, and Entrepreneurs and Innovators NoticeAbility© courses, and in their participation in our musical production each year.