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Empowering Remarkable Minds. Redefining Education. 

We recognize brilliance by empowering students, who learn differently. Our evidence-based approach helps students discover their unique educational and social/emotional path by

acknowledging the strengths, talents, and brilliance of people who learn differently. This empowers our students and helps them enjoy school and thrive developmentally.

Success Inside and Outside the Classroom

Dr. Gordon F. Sherman, former Executive Director, coined the term cerebrodiversity, which explains the individual differences in the brain’s structure and its ability to process information. Dr. Sherman saw cerebrodiversity as “a vehicle for expanding thinking and discussion about dyslexia beyond the ‘disability model’ and as a step toward a more comprehensive model of the brain and learning variation. He believed that teachers, schools, and communities should approach learning disabilities as the “glass is half full” rather than the “glass is half empty” paradigm.

Dr. Sherman is passionate about connecting neuroscience and education, and he began to put his vision into practice providing an outstanding education to cerebrodiverse learners at the Newgrange School. 

He expanded his vision to include the Laurel School, which he co-founded with Dee Rosenberg, former Head of School and Director of the Robinowitz Education Center. In addition, Dr. Sherman and Ms. Rosenberg promoted their successful model through the Robinowitz Education Center, which promotes thought leaders regionally and nationally, expertly educating teachers, administrators, and families about how to support and celebrate diverse learners.

This would undoubtedly revolutionize the way schools are structured, curricula is developed, and students learn. And, more importantly, students see the value in their differences and thrive from it. This conceptual view of the brain’s power ensures that Robinowitz Education Center, Newgrange School, and Laurel School of Princeton are leading the way for individuals, who have learning differences to excel.

The Laurel School

The Laurel School of Princeton was founded in 2012 to expand the organization’s teaching and learning community.  Laurel School is a co-educational, independent day school, serving students with language-based learning differences, including dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, and executive function deficits. Laurel School fosters the exploration of students’ gifts and talents both in and out of the classroom. By providing experiences that validate their individuality, our students build their confidence and self-esteem. All instruction is evidence-based, multisensory, and delivered by our certified and expert faculty, who care deeply about their students. Laurel School integrates opportunities for students to shine in many ways, such as through visual and performing arts, engineering challenges, unstructured creative expression in our Makerspace Lab, and through our Entrepreneurs and Innovators NoticeAbility©️ courses.

The Newgrange School

The Newgrange School was founded in 1977 and is a State of New Jersey approved school for students ages 7 through 21, who have language-based and non-verbal learning differences. We provide a challenging academic program that includes structured literacy instruction through OrtonGillingham and Wilson Language Training®. Multisensory techniques are woven throughout the students’ academic program. Our team of professionals includes expert teachers, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, school counselors, and learning disability consultants to support our students in and out of the classroom.

At Newgrange, every student feels like they belong. They are provided with an individualized program, tailored to their learning needs. Students have varied interests and abilities, which are often realized during their time at Newgrange because they are in a safe environment, where they find academic and social success. Our students are well-behaved, respectful, curious, motivated, and thrive in our supportive structure and small class sizes. Our nurturing, family environment helps Newgrange students prepare for the real world and college with confidence.

The Robinowitz Education Center

The Robinowitz Education Center provides high quality professional development and consulting services for educators and professionals. We offer educational evaluations to improve the educational outcomes for students who learn differently. The Robinowitz Education Center was founded in 1991, when the faculty and administrators at The Newgrange School recognized the tremendous need in the area to educate and empower educators, families, and especially students themselves to recognize, remediate, and celebrate cerebrodiversity*.

While we are known both locally and nationally for training educators, consulting with school districts, and guiding research to practice, it is also the hub of our campus.  Our team guides curriculum development, successful instructional strategies, educational assessments, and teacher training, all of which make the Newgrange and Laurel Schools the best in the area for students who learn differently.  Our dedication to current research and best practices ensures that the teachers at our two schools provide the best education, using the most recent evidence-based programs and methodologies available, to ensure student success.

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