Our Mission

Our Mission is to improve educational outcomes for people with learning disabilities and to empower them to become accomplished, dynamic members of society. We will achieve this through evidence-based instruction for our students and expert professional development for educators.

An independent co-educational school offering an inclusive and interactive online school as well as one-to-one home instruction. The Laurel School specializes in educating students with language-based learning differences, such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD and executive functioning disorder. Grades 1-12.

professional development

Our mission is to meet the educational and specialized needs of students and families with learning and associated disabilities, including dyslexia, and to educate professionals in the field.


We’re a recognized team of experts in the area of learning disabilities, including dyslexia, offering the highest quality professional development, educational evaluations, screenings, consultations and tutoring for students.

A private, non-profit education center dedicated to empowering people and children with learning differences. Leader in special education schools for more than 40 years. Preparing special needs children for the world that lies ahead of them.

Our Connected Community

Our modern facility helps us takes advantage of all of our resources. The Laurel School of Princeton, The Newgrange School and the Robinowitz Education Center are all housed in one state-of-the-art, connected and community driven campus, located in Hopewell New Jersey.

Discover Success

Inside And Outside The Classroom

Because students with learning differences inherently learn outside-the-box, they are often misunderstood. These students have the ability to learn as well as anyone else; they simply learn differently. When they are educated in an environment that honors their individual learning styles, they succeed — even excel – and go on to experience achievement in schools, colleges and careers.

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Integrated education

We understand the unique needs – academic, social and emotional – of students with learning differences and attention deficits. Our specialized programs and methods are designed to help these students build confidence, advocate for themselves, and reach their full potential.