The Robinowitz Education Center (REC) is honored to announce that it will be the home of the New Jersey Chapter of The Reading League. REC shares The Reading League’s mission to advance awareness, understanding, and use of evidence-aligned reading instruction in all schools. Dr. Gordon Sherman, former Executive Director of the Robinowitz Education Center, The...
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Written by Susan E. Miller, Assistant Director of Robinowitz Education Center I’ve been around long enough in the field of Dyslexia to have former students become amazing proud parents. Not surprisingly, from research and statistical standpoints, most of my former students have offspring that present with varying degrees of Dyslexia. We know from years of...
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November 2020 Grounded in Research, Realized with Application captures the work of the Robinowitz Education Center staff. We are pleased to publish our first of many blogs! Susan E. Miller, Assistant Director of REC From the mouth of babes, “The only time I hold a pencil is when I’m working with you.” Words spoken by...
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For over forty-three years, Newgrange School and Laurel Schools have empowered children with learning differences, providing them with the tools and confidence necessary to accomplish their goals. The Robinowitz Education Center has simultaneously guided generations of educators to use evidence-based approaches when teaching students who have dyslexia and related learning differences. While operating as part...
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